Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Process work OH BOY

Who wants to see scribbly, messy process stuff? Woooooooh!
I wanted to draw Jan and his fiance dancing. My first attempt was stiff and boring and I just could not get there arms to work out.
Second try was better. What I really wanted to get was an upshot though, and this drawing was really small anyway, so I tried again. Did I ever get the angle I wanted? No. I went ahead and coloured the third drawing anyway.

This is what it looks like with just the cell shaded layer. I never intended to *just* do cell shading, so when I cleaned up the drawing I used thin lines without a lot of variation. I personally don't like soft/painted colouring with thick, bold black lines.

Just the "painted" shading.

The two together in the final image. I... wasn't going to keep that background but decided to just because I have nothing better to put there.

I did the painted/cell combination before, but didn't save the file properly (HRRRRRNG TRAGEDY!), so I wanted to try it again with this drawing. I feel the cell shading helps bump up the contrast while the painterly shading makes it more interesting and gives it more life. I never liked the way I did cell shading much because it always came out so flat and boring.

So, uh, there we are!